Don't design your dream and everyone else's nightmare! Taking into consideration all of the various aspects of structure, interior, and exterior appeal, and being able to blend your needs with the desires of the market is the way to accomplish that. So often people invest heavily in areas like kitchens and master suites without paying attention to curb appeal, landscaping, and entryways. When it comes time to sell they lose much of their hard earned investment dollars because, as the saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression." I help you make that good impression, and recapture your $$$! 

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As an experienced real estate broker and designer, in this tough economy I help  commercial & residential clients design with a specific focus on return of investment.
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Having an extensive background in real estate sales and marketing, as well as design, construction, and landscaping, I enjoy helping real estate professionals stand out in their markets. By offering them and their clients my exclusive SMART HOME INVESTMENT AUDIT, I assist them in presenting the best possible product on the block.  In good markets just about anything sells, but in down markets only the best properties still sell well. Designing and investing wisely gives my brokers and agents a leg up in tough markets!
Santa Fe Sand and Gravel Company, one of the largest landscape supply yards in the southwest Denver area for over 30 years, has placed me on its recommended contractor list for the past 5 years, as both an installer and designer. I have many other referrals from satisfied customers!
I'm Mike Wolff, and I offer reasonably priced design services for both construction and landscape to the metro Denver area. I also offer remodel and landscaping services. Many do that, but what separates me from the crowd is my 30+ years of real estate sales and marketing experience, which helps me operate from a unique perspective. Too often people forget one very important voice when upgrading their properties: the eventual buyer! Thousands of dollars are often wasted because of over investing in one area, while under investing in another. I consider property line to property line needs, and provide my clients with a balanced approach that will help them personally enjoy their upgrades, but also recapture the maximum amount of their investment when they go to sell.
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